June Home Maintenance Tips

Dated: May 31 2024

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June is here and summer will be in full swing soon. That means more time spent outdoors, eating on the patio and enjoying the deck, and maybe even relaxing by the fire pit at night. Here's a list of items to tackle in June before it gets too hot to work outside, and to help you enjoy the the summer months in your home. 

1. Clean the Garage - Yeah, it's probably not your favorite task, but a clean garage is nice to come home to. Go through all the old boxes that may have accumulated over the winter, and toss or donate broken or old items you won't need anymore. Sell anything that has value on Facebook Marketplace or have a neighborhood yardsale. There are also FREE or "buy nothing" groups on Facebook in many areas you could post things on. And if you find old cans of paint or other toxic materials, dispose of them properly, please. Check your town or township to see if they have collection sites and don't just toss them in the garbage bin. 

If you're really ambitious, clean the whole garage out and redo the floor with one of the garage floor epoxy coatings. It does wonders for the appearance and is one feature that impresses buyers when you're in the market to sell. Add shelving and hooks to get organized and help the garage stay clean and neat. 

2. Power Wash - A power washer is useful for more than just sidewalks and patios. It helps keep the siding looking fresh and clean. In general, it's nice to do a weekend refresh on the exterior of your home and walkways. Moss and mold tend to grow on shady sides of your home's exerior and an annual clean up keeps problems at bay. 

3. Mulch and Trim - While you're on the outside, take a look at your property's landscaping. Trim trees and bushes so they are neat and not overgrown. Pull weeds, put out a few planters with annuals in them, and lay down fresh mulch in the gardens. 

4. Screens and Windows - Pull the screens out of storage and wash them off. Patch any holes with screen patch kits and install the screens for the summer months. While you're at it, wash the windows. 

5. Roofs and Gutters - Take a good look at your roof and inspect it for any missing shingles or obvious problems (shingles buckling, cracking or wearing). If your roof is older, make sure you have a savings account to plan for eventual repair or replacement. Call an experienced roofer to come out and inspect the roof if you are worried about its age or appearance. Clean out the gutters and seal any areas where the gutters may be leaking. Gutters should drain away from the foundation and not be blocked. 

6. Faucets - Check the outside faucets are working and didn't experience any freeze issues over the winter. Inspect your garden hoses and make sure they don't have any leaks. 

7. HVAC Unit - If you have an AC unit or a HVAC pump, have it serviced before it get's too hot out. These units should be serviced by a professional annually (same with your oil burner or gas furnace). Change the filters. You don't want to find out there is an issue weeks from now when the temps climb and suddenly the AC won't cool your home properly. Head off problems by regular servicing and filter changes now. 

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