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Buyers – You don’t need a 750 credit score to buy a home

Every day, Ramus Realty Group gets buyers who contact us looking for a rental or rent-to-own situation because they think they cannot buy a home. When we talk to them they may state that their credit isn’t high enough. In some cases, that is true, but in others, it may be false. In fact, we closed on one home in August where the buyers originally wanted us to find them a nice rental until they could get their credit up to buy a home. We had them consult with one of our lenders, who told them all they had to do was pay off two old debts that showed up on their credit report, and they would qualify for a mortgage – and they did.

The results of countless studies have shown that potential home buyers, and even current homeowners, have an inflated view of what is really required to qualify for a mortgage in today’s market.

One such study by the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, revealed that many Millennials have not yet considered purchasing a home, simply because they don’t believe they can qualify for a mortgage.

The article quoted Jessica Lautz, the National Association of Realtors‘ Managing Director of Survey Research, as saying that there is a significant population that does not think they will be approved for a mortgage and doesn’t even try. The article also quoted Fannie Mae CEO Tim Mayopoulos:

“I do think that there’s a sense out there in the marketplace among borrowers that credit may not be available, especially for people with lower credit scores.”

Ellie Mae’s Vice President, Jonas Moe recently encouraged buyers to know their options before assuming that they do not qualify for a mortgage:

“Many potential home buyers are ‘disqualifying’ themselves. You don’t need a 750 FICO Score and a 20% down payment to buy.”

So what credit score is necessary?

Below is a breakdown of the FICO Score Distribution of all closed (approved) loans in August from Ellie Mae’s latest Origination Report.

Don't Disqualify Yourself... Over Half of All Loans Approved Have a FICO Score Under 750 | MyKCM

Over 50% of all approved loans had a FICO Score under 750. Many potential home buyers believe that they need a score over 780 to qualify.

If owning a home of your own has always been a dream of yours and you are ready and willing to buy, find out if you are able to! Let’s get together to determine if your dreams can become a reality sooner than you thought!

Give us a call and we can talk about your particular situation. We’ll have one of our lenders reach out and advise you how to get your score up, if that is necessary. We may be able to help!

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