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Tips for Seniors Who want to "Age in Place" Rather than Downsize

Many times our sales agents at RAMUS Realty Group get phone calls from curious homeowners who are considering either selling and downsizing. Sometimes they are not sure if they should stay in their

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Are You Afraid of Paying Too Much For Your New Home? Here's How RAMUS Realty Group Can Help You

Are you buying a home in central Pennsylvania right now? If so you may be scared and/or frustrated. Prices have risen dramatically in the past three years. Many of our houses are still attracting

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Public Information on Schuylkill County Real Estate Parcels

To find parcel information about a property in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, you can follow these steps to access the courthouse public records:If you're local, you can visit the Schuylkill

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Sweet Arrow Lake Park in Pine Grove

Sweet Arrow Lake Park is a beautiful recreational area located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. It is known for its picturesque lake, scenic trails, and various outdoor activities. Sweet Arrow Lake

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