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Our Marketing Plan

  1. Preparing Your Home. We will provide specific guidance on what you should do prior to placing your home on the market. The goal is to get your home in top condition so that  it will command a premium price. Properly staging your home before showing it to buyers will help the home sell itself.
  2. Pre-Listing Inspection. We have home inspectors we use regularly who can provide a pre-listing home inspection at a reasonable cost, which we then use in marketing your home. A home that is inspected prior to finding a buyer can (1) eliminate surprises by warning you of items that might be an issue later and (2) make a buyer feel more comfortable in making an offer, even if he does hire his own inspector later. Avoid surprises by getting a home inspection early and you may head off issues later. This is an option to you.
  3. Pre-Listing Appraisal. Yes the buyer’s lender will require an appraisal before closing, but if you wish we will order a pre-listing appraisal to be sure your home is properly priced. A proper listing price – not too high / not too low – ensures you maximize your sales price yet minimize time on market. We will coordinate this for you. An appraisal is not mandatory, but is available.
  4. Professional Photography. Photos are crucial! We don’t snap photos with a phone or trust this to a cheap camera. Most of our listings are photographed by a professional photographer using the best gear. We have two professionals on our staff to make sure we can get your home photographed in a timely manner. Once the photos are edited they are uploaded to our marketing and we make your listing live on the websites. Please note that professional photo scheduling and editing takes time. From the time you sign your listing contract to the time the professional photos are taken and edited, it may be 7-10 days. Photos are not taken instantly. We must coordinate and give time for editing. Plan accordingly when speaking to your listing agent and signing your contract, and we will order photography as soon as your contract is signed. We suggest a one to two week lead time to be sure photos are taken when your property is ready to hit the market.
  5. BRIGHT MLS. TREND covers over 70,000 agents in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, northern Virginia and West Virginia. Your home will be available to any agent doing a search throughout these two databases.
  6. Lock Box. A lock box will provide security while ensuring your home is accessible to agents to show to their buyers. Statistics show that using a lock box increases the number of buyer showings by 40%.
  7. Easy Appointment Scheduling. We strive to make it easy for a buyer’s agent to show your home, so along with a lock box, we hire appointment specialists and provide an online portal so agents can either call an 800 number or log in online to show our properties. This makes their lives easier, and encourages showings.
  8. Appointment Communication. This appointment service we use will keep you, the seller, notified of every appointment. If occupied, you’ll be able to accept/reject showings via text, phone call or online.  You’ll have an online login to the service so you’ll always be kept in the loop.
  9. RAMUS Realty Group Team. We will deliver details about your property to our very successful team of agents right after taking the listing. These agents are assisting and guiding buyers who are searching for just the right property.
  10. Sign. The distinctive purple and yellow RAMUS sign creates high buyer interest. Because we maintain one of the top firm market shares in the area, our signs generate numerous buyer calls. Buyers remember and call us first because our signs are so familiar.
  11. Custom Brochure. Our team will create a quality brochure to emphasize all of the important amenities of your home to potential buyers. The idea is to make the best possible impression and to provide information so that after looking at dozens of homes, your home will stand out in the buyer’s mind. This brochure is available to you as a link online to forward to your friends and family, share on Facebook or other sites, or to print as a PDF.
  12. Featured Properties on the Net. We advertise your home 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, world-wide on our office web site. We also feature your home on the two multiple listing service web sites and dozens of third party portals (Zillow, Trulia,,, etc.)
  13. Top Agents. More than half of all homes in the area are sold by a few top agents. We personally mail to those agents and post information on networking sites we use such as the Schuylkill Real Estate Professional Exchange (a private Facebook group where agents from various offices collaborate to help each other). I network with numerous agents on a regular basis, and I will promote your home at every opportunity.
  14. Personal Contacts. Every week, our office email information on listings to a selected list of people who are in the market to buy. This includes buyers we’re working with now, previous customers, and others in our team’s personal sphere of influence.
  15. Open House. Shortly after listing your home, your house will be held open to the public to attract prospective buyers (if you wish). Not all sellers want open houses, so we accommodate your wishes. Open houses are hit or miss – they can have great response or zip. But it’s another avenue we offer to our sellers.
  16. Referral Networks. A percentage of homes sold here are purchased by someone coming from outside the area. As the number 1 independent firm in our area, we are a qualified member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World.
  17. Showing Follow Up. We will contact the agents who have shown your property to determine the level of buyer interest and to provide additional information for the prospective buyers as required. They receive automatic emails requesting feedback, and we also call them directly.
  18. Status Reports. We will give you regular emailed reports to include actions taken, actions needed, current and planned advertising, feedback on showings, and changes in the market conditions that may affect the sale of your home.
  19. Partnership. Our relationship is a Partnership. The process is a team effort.  My job is to market your home while your job is to set the price.  My job is to interpret the market enabling you to make wise choices. I will take great pride in handing you a check at closing.

You will be glad you trusted the sale of your home to RAMUS Realty Group